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What We're All About

Skills Factory Learning Pvt. Ltd. has been founded under the patronage of IQSPL, a Cyber Security Training and Consulting company, in 2011. Skills Factory Learning Pvt. Ltd. runs an up-skilling and employment enhancement series of courses mainly in the sectors of Cyber Security, Networking, and Wellness. Skills Factory Learning in partnership/collaboration with apex Governmental educational and regulatory bodies offers specialized career-oriented courses in Digital/Information Security, Networking, and Health & Wellness. Courses align with Government-approved curriculum.

Our Vision

"To Create skillful manpower, especially in cyber security, and to make our country the ultimate hub of the cyber security."

Our Mission

"To offer our students a high-quality learning experience using cutting-edge technology. To cooperate with industry partners and come to an agreement in order to close the skills gap between academics and business. To help the aspirants, in order to achieve their goal by imparting the future skills with them."