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In this course, students learn how to configure the server as a File server, Print server, Web server, DHCP and DNS server, Virtualization, and ADDS forest.



The Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA) course for Windows Server 2016 is designed to validate your skills and knowledge in configuring, managing, and maintaining Windows Server 2016 infrastructure, every company has a client server network. In premise physical servers and in cloud computing in virtual machines windows server is required, and therefore administrator is required to manage windows servers. MCSA is a prerequisite for latest Microsoft courses.


  1. Server operating system installation.
  2. Installing ADDS and promoting server as a domain controller.
  3. Local Storage
  4. Server Virtualization
  5. Configuring a server as a DNS,DHCP server
  6. Configuring a server as a Router and VPN server.
  7. Windows Server update services and Windows Deployment services
  8. Active Directory Forest and Trees.
  9. Disaster Recovery


1. Career Opportunities: The MCSA course can open doors to various job opportunities in the field of IT and system administration. It’s particularly valuable for positions related to Windows Server administration.

2. Specialization: The MCSA course allows you to specialize in Windows Server technologies, which is essential for roles that focus on Windows-based environments.

3. Professional Development: Preparing for and obtaining the MCSA course involves gaining in-depth knowledge and hands-on experience with Windows Server 2016. This knowledge and experience can contribute to your overall professional development.

4. Foundation For Further Certifications: The MCSA course  serves as a foundation for more advanced Microsoft course , such as the MCSE (Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert), which allows you to specialize further in areas like Cloud Platform and Infrastructure, Data Management and Analytics, and more.

Who Can Do This Course ?

12th pass, Undergraduate, Graduate, Post graduate, working professionals.

Course Curriculum

1. EXAM 70-740:

Installation, Storage, and Compute with Windows Server 2016 1.1Installation of the 2016 Server 1.2Installation of Active Directory Domain Service 1.3Creating Users, Groups & OU 1.4Configuring File Server 1.5Configuring Print Server 1.6Storage 1.7Hyper-V Server (Virtulization) 1.8Data deduplication 1.9Performance Monitoring 1.10Windows Deployment Services.

2. EXAM 70-741:

Networking with Windows Server 2016 2.1 Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) 2.2 Domain Name System (DNS) 2.3 Configuring Web Server & FTP server 2.4 Remote Access – Configuring Server As a Router – Static & Dynamic Routing – Networking Address Translation (NAT) – A Configuring Server as a VPN server Contact us- -9922376995 -9922001519 2.5 Server Cluster – Network Load Balancing – Failover Cluster 2.6 Windows Server Update Services (WSUS) 2.7 NIC Teaming.

3. EXAM 70-742:

Identity with Windows Server 2016 1.0Introduction of Active Directory Domain Services 2.0Installation of Active Directory Domain Services 3.0Creating AD Forest (Child Domain, Tree root Domain, Additional Domain controller) 4.0Read-OnlyOnly Domain Controller 5.0FSMO  Roles 6.0Active Directory Sites & Replication 7.0Active Directory Trust Relationship between Domain 8.0Active Directory Certificate Services 9.0Group Policy Object (GPO) 10.0Active Directory Light Directory Services ( AD LDAP) 11.0Active Directory Rights Management Services (AD RMS) 12.0Active Directory Federation Services 13.0Backup & Restore.

Course  Delivery

  1. Offline Blended    
  2. Online Blended

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What Will You Learn?

  • Exam 70-740: Installation, storage & compute with windows server 2016
  • Exam 70- 741: Networking with windows server 2016
  • Exam 70-742: Identity with windows server 2016

Course Content


  • Reference Material Book 
  • Video
  • Lab Manual
  • Assignments
  • Chapter 1 : Quiz

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