Skills Factory Learning Pvt. Ltd. shall not refund any fees paid. Students are strongly advised to experience the demo of the course initially and then decide whether they would like to subscribe to the course. Refunds would be applicable only in the following exceptional cases.

  1. Technical glitches on the website or in the digital learning material wherein learning becomes impossible. Once a glitch on the website is reported, Skills Factory will attempt to repair the glitch and restore the learning process within seven days. If that does not work, Skills Factory will grant a credit note of twenty-five percent of the fees (excluding taxes) which can be redeemed against other courses or transferred to any other person. If the glitch is not repaired within fifteen days from the date of reporting it, Skills Factory will credit the entire fee through banking channels only. The admission will then be deemed to be cancelled.
  2. If the glitch is in the digital learning material given to the subscriber, Skills Factory will replace the defective storage devices with fresh ones within seven days of receipt of the defective storage devices. If the devices are not sent to the subscriber within fifteen days of the request to replace them, Skills Factory will refund the fees in full. All costs incurred for sending the defective devices to Skills Factory will have to be borne by the subscriber.
  3. On the death of the subscriber and on the production of the death certificate, Skills Factory will refund the entire fees paid to the nominee or the legal heir. The subscriber’s nominee/legal heir will bear all documentation costs.

Under no circumstances will Skills Factory Learning Pvt. Ltd. refund fees in cash. The subscription is not transferable to any other individual.

Before receipt of access to the course, subscribers may opt for another course of the same value or higher value and the fees paid can be transferred to the other course. Once the course is accessed (in case online) or the packaging of the course material is opened (in case offline), no transfers of courses will be permitted.

In case of a dispute, the courts of Pune will have jurisdiction. Skills Factory Learning Pvt. Ltd. reserves the absolute right to revise these Terms at any point in time without prior notice to you other than by posting the revised Terms on the Site.