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Nutrition and Dietetics is a comprehensive course created to provide deep knowledge of different foods; nutrients and bioactive compounds present in them; their relationship with different diseases; and how to use it for wellness of mind and body. This course is created for all who are interested in diet, nutrition and general health and you do not require prior knowledge or experience in any health-related studies.


Introduction To Nutrition And Dietetics Courses And Certification

One of the popular fields that deals with health, fitness, and balanced eating is Nutrition and Dietetics Course. Nutrition and Dietetics courses are excellent choices for those with an interest in medical science. A successful career as a nutritionist or dietician is possible for candidates who pursue food nutrition and dietetics courses in Pune. 

Skills Factory offers the best and most professional dietician and nutritionist courses. We have years of experience and expertise in offering specialised courses for the past 15 years. 

There are two degree options: Certificate and Diploma. Upon earning one of the two degrees, one can help others maintain a balanced diet and build a fit, toned body. A dietitian is one of the most sought-after careers following completion of a nutrition and dietetics education. Once you have enrolled for a dietician course, you may opt for getting specialisations and making the most out of it. Based on what you are learning and where the interest develops, you may try entering niche like a Wellness Coach Diploma or obtaining a Diet and Weight Management Certificate.

Nutrition And Dietetics Course Syllabus

The nutrition and dietetics course syllabus is designed so that every participant can comprehend the idea and significance of keeping a nutritious diet for a healthy lifestyle. A career as a dietician is not just well-respected but also growth-oriented, regardless of your professional goals—you might work with gyms or as an independent diet adviser. 

Our certification program is designed by Skills Factory in a straightforward manner in collaboration with prominent professional dieticians and health specialists.

Principles of Nutrition, Anatomy and Physiology, Dietetics, Therapeutic Nutrition, Community Nutrition, Food Microbiology, Family Meal Management, Food Preservation, Quantity Food Service and Physical Facilities, Food Science, Food Service Management, and other disciplines are the main subjects covered in the nutrition dietetics course in Pune.

You can start your career as

  • Dietician / Nutritionist
  • Nutrition Blogger
  • Counsellor
  • Workshop conductor
  • Clinical nutritionist

Pre-Requirements Of Nutrition And Dietetics Certification Exam In Pune

The following are some competencies that a prospective undergraduate or graduate student in the food and dietetics course should have. These abilities aid the candidate in fully comprehending the course material. A few competencies that candidates must possess are listed below:

– Inclination for eating and cooking
– Research abilities
– Ability to communicate with patience
– Ability to solve problems
– Gratitude

How To Apply For The Nutrition And Dietetics Certification Exam In Pune?

In order to apply for the diet nutrition course, you can simply visit our website and opt to fill out the registration form. On our Skills Factory website, you can easily fill out form and apply for the courses.

Skill Factory offers the best dietician courses in Pune. We have a specialised team that can help you in growing in this field. Connect with our team today.


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What Will You Learn?

  • Understand logically the principles and concepts associated with nutrition and dietetics.
  • Learn to collect, organize and assess data relating to the health and nutritional status of individuals, groups and populations.
  • Understand advanced clinical nutrition; the basis of nutritional status assessment, biochemical basis of nutrition, nutrition related disorders, and the role of nutrition in therapeutic diets.
  • Diet planning according to health concerns

Course Content

Consolidated Book

  • Consolidated Book

Chapter 1- Overview of Nutrition

Chapter 2- The Macro-Nutrients

Chapter 3- The Micro-Nutrients

Chapter 4- Anti-Nutrients Enzymes And Water

Chapter 5- Phycology of Eating

Chapter 6- Introduction of The Body as A Whole

Chapter 7- Organization of The Body

Chapter 8- Digestive System

Chapter 9- Circulatory System

Chapter 10- Lymphatic System

Chapter 11- Respiratory System

Chapter 12- Genitourinary System

Chapter 13- The Endocrine System

Chapter 14- Energy Metabolism

Chapter 15- Nutrition In Pregnancy Lactation

Chapter 16- Nutrition in Infancy

Chapter 17- Nutrition During Pre-School Age

Chapter 18- Nutrition During School Age

Chapter 19- Nutrition During Adolescence

Chapter 20- Nutrition For Adults

Chapter 21- Nutrition for Old Age

Chapter 22- Overview of Dietetics

Chapter 23- Diet in Fever

Chapter 24- Diet in Overweight and Underweight

Chapter 25- Diet in Diseases of Gastro-Intestinal Tract

Chapter 26- Diet in Diseases of Liver

Chapter 27- Diet In Diabetes Mellitus

Chapter 28- Diet In Kidney Disorders

Chapter 29- Diet In Cardiovascular Disorders

Chapter 30- Diet In Cancer

Chapter 31- Diet in Thyroid

Chapter 32- Diet in Menstrual Disorders

Chapter 33- Diet in Bone Diseases

Chapter 34- Vegetarian Diet, Caffeine and Alcohol

Chapter 35- Sports Nutrition

Chapter 36- Nutrition for Healthy Skin and Hair

Chapter 37- Food Science

Chapter 38- Computer Applications in Nutrition Education and Dietetics

Chapter 39 – Hospital Dietary Departments

Lab Manual

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