Certificate in Ayurveda Dietetics

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About Course


Ayurveda Dietetics course teaches you how to incorporate good food habits; good and bad effects of different foods; treatment of various diseases by consuming right food and much more. This ancient science is taught with infusion of modern scientific knowledge to make you understand and create best suitable diet plans for your clients. You give your clients a part of our world class heritage.



You can start your career as

  • Ayurveda Dietitian at Ayurveda hospitals, clinics and Panchakarma centre
  • Free lance Ayurveda dietitian


What Will You Learn?

  • Principles of Ayurveda Diet
  • Fundamentals of Dietary Regimen (Pathya)
  • Theory of Five Elements (Panchamahabhoota)
  • Theory of Three Biological Humors (Tridoshas)
  • Six Basic Tastes (Shadrasa)
  • Psychosomatic Constitution (Prakriti)
  • Diet and Mind
  • Ayurveda and Agni
  • Diet and Ayurveda
  • Day to Day Food Items
  • Season-wise Menus
  • Ayurveda Menu Recipes

Course Content

Learning Material

  • Reference Learning Book
  • Video
  • Concise Guide

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